Thin outsole

Present your feet with the sensory feedback they crave. Feel the ground and reconnect with the environment.

Customer Reviews

My feet can finally breathe
These are my first barefoot shoes. So far, I've had an amazing experience using them outdoors and in the gym for the past few weeks. I find them comfortable and these are probably the best shoes out there for people with broad feet.


Effective barefoot shoes
Very effective barefoot feel, Easy to wear durable, and comfortable. Need gradual transformation from normal shoes to these minimalistic shoes

Mani Vasagam

Super… just love it
The foot ware is awesome, fits perfectly and light weight. Absolutely love it.

Anil K

Love them!
I really like these! I’ve never owned a pair of barefoot shoes before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but they definitely exceeded my expectations. Very lightweight and flexible with plenty of room to wiggle your toes but fit snugly and comfortably around the ankle. Would definitely recommend!

Nitya Mittal

Great fit
The wide toe box is a boon. Fits great and extremely comfortable

Shree Hosadurg

Excellent option for hurt free and thump free - run like a cheetah, silent like a leopard
Surprisingly well designed and seems to have been put together well too.


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