Rediscover the Joy of Movement

Andune is based on the belief that walking barefoot is the most natural, pleasant, and healthy way to get around. That's why we've made it our mission to share this passion with as many people as possible and to make the benefits of barefoot walking something that can be experienced anywhere, anytime.

Sense of Purpose

Andune is based on the idea of thinking about fashion in a meaningful and holistic way. That's why we combine contemporary design and sustainable quality with the health benefits of barefoot walking. In this way, we are turning the oldest and most natural form of getting around into a meaningful present-day trend.

Our Journey

I started Andune with the simple desire to popularize the benefits of Barefoot Shoes. At the heart of my endeavour lies a simple but powerful belief—that nature had a blueprint for optimal movement, one that has been somewhat forgotten in the modern world. The human foot is a marvel of design, perfectly adapted to navigate the diverse terrains of our planet. Yet, our feet have been constrained and cushioned by traditional footwear, limiting their natural abilities and compromising our overall well-being. With Andune, we return to nature and envision a future where every step brings us closer to our authentic self.

Jalaj Sahni